Our coalition knows that many of the issues we work on cannot be separated from their racial context. As such, we are committed to racial justice and operating through a racial equity lens when we do this work. We must be true to our mission, to achieve financial health and provide a strong financial future for everyone. We encourage you to use the following tools to help guide you in cultivating a racial equity lens toward economic justice in your work.

Policy Development Tool

This tool is designed to help us consistently address racial injustice, something we acknowledge is an ongoing learning process. This tool will be applied to every proposal, project, policy, communications effort, and outreach effort the coalition undertakes. The purpose of this tool is to make addressing racial equity second nature and to fully implement a racial justice lens into our coalition’s mission and work.

Racial Equity Resources

In an effort to encourage continued learning about racial justice and racial equity, both internally and externally, we have compiled a list of resources we have found particularly helpful. We are sharing these resources in order to cultivate shared understandings about how race interacts with the issues we work on.