About Us

Although Colorado finds itself in the top ranks of economic growth, many of our people are still being left behind. When they try to catch up, they face a system plagued by systemic discrimination, forcing them to gamble their financial future on predatory products and services. While powerful interests seek to exploit Coloradans, the Financial Equity Coalition fights for economic justice through financial education and policy change.

The Financial Equity Coalition is a collection of public, private, and nonprofit organizations committed to bringing financial security to communities throughout Colorado. We are educators, service providers, policy groups, and advocates with diverse work and perspectives — all working to provide financial education and help families get fair treatment.

The Financial Equity Coalition focuses on four core areas to achieve its mission:

  • Predatory Lending: We seek to eliminate exploitative business practices, which target already-vulnerable Coloradans into deepening debt.
  • Financial Education & Asset Building: To make an increasingly difficult system more navigable, we leverage our members’ unique resources to inform communities on viable solutions, and conduct community-level outreach to generate innovative, bottom-up solutions that ensure all Coloradans can live a financially healthy and stable life.
  • Retirement Security: As more Coloradans approach retirement, we promote policies that ensure a solid foundation for life after work.  
  • Student Debt: We challenge bad actors, such as for-profit institutions and predatory loan servicers, who take advantage of Colorado students and put the goal of a strong financial future further out of reach.

Coalition Members

Members of the Financial Equity Coalition strongly support the FEC mission and vision. Specific pieces of legislation are only supported by those listed on those items.