Asset Building

The Asset Building Working Group concerns itself with the ways in which Coloradan individuals and communities can build and retain wealth.

With wages for nearly all Coloradans remaining flat since 2000, saving can be tough. Additionally, the current racial wealth gap is a stark reminder that inequities continue to exist for communities overcoming historical barriers to wealth building. This working group concerns itself with increasing the ways individuals and communities can build and retain assets while limiting debts in order to build financial resilience in the modern day economy.

The Asset Building Committee is working on: 

  • Supporting the passing of a 529 Savings Plan Reform Bill for a more equitable taxation system which incentives lower-income families to save for college
  • Assisting Coloradan employees to gain stake in their workplaces and build wealth through employee ownership models (Seeding the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center’s Rotating Technical Assistance Fund that would help employees in workplace that wish to become employee-owned with the costs associated with transitions to collective ownership)
  • To pass legislation that would allow for individuals to build wealth by savings accounts that incentivize them to save (Prized Linked Savings Accounts Bill)